Throwing a Party

Memorable events don’t just happen. It requires a lot of effort and proper planning to be successful—from choosing the food for the occasion to decorating the venue, you need to make sure everything is in order. Whether you’re hosting a business conference, a company party, or a wedding reception, you need all the time to prepare. Below are some expert tips when organizing an event:

  • Focus on your guests before anything else

The first thing you need to consider is the comfort of your guests. Make sure the venue you choose for the event can accommodate their needs. From this, you can choose a specific theme for the occasion. Remind your guests on what they need to bring or wear for the event.

  • Communication is the main key

Talk to your committee about the flow of the event. Observe how the guests respond to the program. You may need efficient communication tools like portable two-way radio or just your mobile phone to help you give specific instructions to your co-organisers whenever needed. Make sure to entertain everybody. Give your best smile as you greet them.

  • Be flexible with sudden changes

As you get into event planning process, you may need to make a few adjustments in terms of size and location of the event. This happens most of the time, so be prepared for whatever happens. Always have a backup plan. It’s all about wise decision making.

  • Know your limitation

Everyone wants to throw a fun and memorable party. To that end, you need to be aware of what you can really provide—not just your budget, but the schedule as well. This is why you need to plan ahead of time. Know your limitation and always stick to your game plan.

Keep these things in mind and you have yourself a fun and memorable event. If you’re having a hard time handling everything, hire an event planner to help you out.


Planning your Event

program and decorating the venue to informing the guests the full details; you need to plan ahead of time to achieve your goals. Keep in mind that every decision is crucial. One mistake can ruin the whole event. This is also one of the reasons why many people are considering hiring an event planner—to simplify things and help them with manage every important task.

So, if you have decided to hire one, make sure you are dealing only with the right person or firm. Always consider their experience and credentials. This may not seem like a daunting task, but you need to spend time sourcing the best event organizers and run a thorough screening process. In this post, I have gathered some of the important key points looking for event planners. I hope this would help you in the future. Read on.

What are your objectives?

The first thing you need to do is to set clear objectives. From here, you can set a realistic budget for your the staff you are hiring and other expenses. Knowing your objectives can help you sort things out and identify the things you should discuss with the event planner. This will also guide you on the things you want to know about the person or firm you are screening. Keep in mind that there will be plenty of time to make adjustments.

Why are you hiring an event planner?

Once you have figured out your objectives, a few clear ideas will begin to evolve about the theme and message you want to convey for your event. You may also come up with the activities and services you need to handle on your behalf.

Can they help choose the location? Can they make suggestions with menus and other significant things that can make your event better? Can they help you with invitations? Again, every little thing is important. Your event planner should be very efficient. They should have a detailed timeline for your event. This way, you can easily monitor the progress of pre-planning.

Now, let’s talk about your budget and possible expenses

The possible expenses will be based on your objectives. Your event planner should give you a rough estimate about the cost for various elements of your program. The problem with most people who organize their first event is they usually fall into the trap of planning a “champagne event” on a beer budget—well no offense to those who love beer runs, I love those too—it is possible, but would be difficult to weigh in, yes but still possible. And that’s one the biggest help you can get from your event planner. They should find a solution to make your event successful without exceeding your allotted budget.

Finding the right person/firm

While word of mouth can help you sort your list, it is always better to do a little background check. As mentioned above, you need to find a seasoned event planner. Always consider their credential and experience. They should have a strong reputation within the community. As much as possible, maximize your options through professional affiliations.

And finally, work closely with your event organizer and confirm every detail. Make sure to schedule an appointment with the whole team before the said event. If you have specific instructions, don’t forget to inform everyone to avoid problems during the event.






Things to Avoid when Planning an Event

Organizing an event is not an easy job. It requires a lot of preparation to make sure everything is in order. Today, even professionals have a difficult time reaching their goals—one small mistake can ruin the flow of the event. This is how crucial it is to handle every task accordingly. In this post, we will discuss some common mistakes when planning an event.

  1. No timeframe

There is always a race against time when organizing an event. Set all your appointments ahead of time. This includes your ocular for the venue, meeting with suppliers, and other necessary preparations. By now, you should have an estimate how of much time you will need to accomplish everything. It is also advisable to brief all your staff an hour before the event. The goal here is to have everything set at least 30 minutes before the door opens.

  1. Lack of communication

Another problem from most organizers is lack of communication. Open your lines at all times. If there are adjustments, make sure to contact your staff immediately. Don’t forget to confirm the details with your suppliers or service providers. You will also need efficient communication tools during the event. Most event planners today use

  1. Not scheduling a walkthrough with hosts and guests

Schedule a final briefing to your hosts and guests. Having a copy of the program is necessary. Discuss with them all the important details including the dress code and the flow of the event. Send out emails and text messages to make sure they get clear instructions.

  1. No checklist

Having a detailed checklist makes it easier for you to manage and keep track of the event’s progress. This gives you a quick review of everything you need to accomplish. Your checklist should always include the equipment and materials for decoration, duplicate copies of the program, food menu, and other important stuff needed for the event.

These are some of the things you need to avoid when setting up an event. Again, always have a contingency plan. For bigger occasions, you might need to hire an event organizer to help you out.



Points to Consider when Renting a Limo

We already know the advantages of hiring or renting a limousine service—the convenience, comfort, and just the whole luxury ride experience. Today, we are going to give you some pointers to avoid costly mistakes when renting a limousine or a party bus. Read on.

What do you need?

Before you look for prospects, it is advisable to list down everything you need. Make a detailed checklist including the type of occasion—wedding, prom or graduation ball, business function, anniversaries, or birthdays. The list should also include the number of passengers, the pickup point, number of locations, distance to and from venue, additional side trips, length of time you’ll need to rent the vehicle, and schedule.

What do you want?

There’s a bit difference between your needs and wants. This is where your budget comes in. Do you want extra luxury or enhance your limo experience ride? Well, you better check out the features and packages they offer. You might want to look closely on fiber optic starlight roof, a sun roof, TV and gaming consoles, sound and light system, and DVD player. You can also check out other vehicle options with built-in mobile bar.

What to hire?

You must have a particular type of vehicle in mind. It could be anything from a vintage Lincoln Town car or a Hummer super-stretch. Keep in mind that not all companies offer all types of limousine. So do your research. You might want to browse their website to see the vehicles they offer to their clients.

What is their reputation?

It’s not just about the types of vehicles they showcase. Excellent service is another thing you should consider. So check out their website and take some time to read reviews about their services. Look for referrals and try to keep in touch with them. Ask them about their experience with their service provider. This will help you narrow down your options.

These are just some of the things you should consider when looking for a limousine rental service provider. Stay tuned for more information.

3 Reasons why Hire a Limo or Party Bus Service for Special Occasions

Who wouldn’t want to ride a limo on his or her birthday or whatever special occasion they are celebrating? Renting a limo as a surprise gift for the birthday celebrant will definitely earn you a major kudos from everyone. And just when you sit back and think of all the other benefits of hiring a limousine for special occasions, you will find it a no brainer about this decision—you might even think about renting one for your own celebration in the future.

Birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries only happen once a year. It only makes sense to give yourself a treat every once in a while. So why not make it more fun, safer, and more unique? Find a reputable service provider with professional chauffeurs to steer your chariot! To further support this claim, here are the reasons why you should hire a limousine service for special occasions:

  1. No one drinks and drives

Of course, when celebrating just any special occasion, you can expect for overflowing drinks and good beer run. If you hire a limo, you don’t have to worry about sobering up knowing a professional driver would pick you up and take you and your places wherever you want. Yup, it’s convenient, safe, and more exciting! Sit back, relax, and party more because you don’t need to worry about DUI violations.

  1. The Social Pregame

Riding a limo with your friends is more than just getting you to the venue lavishly because the party already starts before you even arrive. As every party goer would say, riding a limo to the party is the social pregame. Spend more quality time with your buddies while you are driven to your event.

  1. What a wonderful surprise!

If you want to pull out the best surprise for the birthday celebrants, hiring a limousine party bus would make his or her jaw drops. You can check the birthday surprise package offered by most limousine companies. All you have to do is tell them all the details and they can definitely make something special for it. Usually part bus packages include tuxedo attired chauffeur, a red carpet rolled out, birthday balloons and decorations, photos at your starting point, complimentary drinks and snacks, and many more.


4 Smart Ways to Save on Car Rentals

Planning for your next weekend getaway can be really stressful. From hotel accommodations to transportation services, you need to plan ahead of time to make sure everything is in order. And when it comes to budget trips, it is only advisable to gather all the resources you can get to save more money.

Tip of the Tongue strongly suggests looking for car hire services within your area as early as possible. This is to make sure you get what you paid for. To give you a better glimpse, here are some tips to avoid costly mistakes when renting a vehicle:

  1. Maximize your options

Do your research and highlight the best options. There are many independent agencies you will find online. With lower operating costs, you can save around 15 to 30 percent less than rentals from well-known agencies. Just make sure to check their profile and read reviews to gauge the quality of their services.

  1. Dig deeper for virtual discounts

Verify the promos and other discounts posted on their websites. If you have coupons, try to key in the name of the company along with the code. Many agencies offer these coupons to new and frequent customers. Don’t just stop there—yes, there are still little “tricks” you can do to get a better offer. You can try combining the discount codes from the coupons you have.

  1. Compare the rates from other companies

Before sealing the deal, ask for a detailed quotation and compare the rates they offer from other companies. Don’t just focus on the initial sum they give you. Enquire more about the other hidden fees like penalties or additional rate for extension.

  1. Reserve the unit the longer than you need it

This may sound confusing, but most of the time; the rate for extend hours can cost you more. As mentioned above, ask about the additional rate per hour. Check their return policies and see if they also give discounts when you return the car earlier than it’s supposed to be.

There is nothing more glorious than having a comfortable transportation on a budget trip. Keep these things in mind, and you can save more money than you know.


Hiring a Limousine for your Wedding Day

First of all, congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and one of our goals is to let you and your loved ones experience with chauffeured transportation to be a memorable one. We want you and your bride to be to experience the style and elegance our team provides. We want everything to be perfect, so here are some tips to keep in mind:

Find out the number of people you are transporting

Limousine companies usually provide a quotation of the number of permitted passengers in their vehicles. Keep in mind that their policy may vary depending on the service provider you are dealing with. So make sure to jot down the details. Usually, they quote a gross weight on the vehicles. Just check the FMVSS requirements to be sure. They also get the number of passengers based on 150 pounds per passenger. Whatever the headcount would be, always consider the comfort and convenience of your guests/passengers.

For example, an 8 passenger limousine is normally stretched to 70 and 80 inches. The vehicle may be split into half, stretched to 70-80 inches, and then finished by the manufacturer. This is ideal especially for adults.  So again, do not book the limousine to its maximum capacity. Always consider getting a larger vehicle or maybe rent another unit for your guests. You can also checkout some stretched SUVs or 28-passenger mini coaches. Take note that it’s a formal occasion—that means they will be wearing formal clothing and you know how things go when you’re on a suit and crowded vehicle.

Communicate with your limousine service provider

Another thing you should know about limousine operators is they have certain teams to handle multi-vehicle charters. So ask the manager if there’s another company who will be handling you on your wedding day. Once you get the details, keep in touch with them. Make sure they all get the details to avoid delays and other problems. If you’re not comfortable working with the second party, contact the operator immediately so they can manage the entire wedding charter.

Check your schedule

We all know that timing is very important when it comes to special events. If possible, rent the limousine for an extra hour beyond the expected schedule. Make sure they arrive 15-30 minutes early to allow extra time for whatever activities or errands necessary.

These are just some of the things you need to consider when renting a limousine on your wedding day. Stay tuned for more tips!

5 Things to Keep in Mind when Hosting an Event

Successful events don’t just happen. They require a lot of planning and preparation. Whatever event you are hosting—whether it’s a business conference, seminar, or a customer appreciation day, you need to go through the details over and over to make sure everything is in proper place. We have interviewed different seasoned event organizers for some tips to help you out. Read the following below:

  1. Identify your target audience before anything else

First thing you need to do is to find out who your target audience is. From there, you can easily choose the theme, venue, and the flow of your program. This structured approach will also help you stay focused on achieving specific goals, which makes it for you and you committee to make the right decisions and not allowing the cope to become too abrupt or watered down.

  1. Make a list of details

Make a list of everything you need for the event. This includes lighting, public transportation, program flow, and refreshments. When holding an event, every detail is important—from program content, decorations, transportation, location, and even the parking space. Keep in mind that your audience will attribute everything to you and your brand. Make a detailed checklist to make sure everything is in order.

  1. Know the sole purpose of your event

By now, you should have a clear business purpose for holding the event. Of course, how can you plan successfully if you’re not clear with your goals? Take note that every decision after that should support your main purpose. Are you looking for increasing the lead generation? Is it for brand awareness of your company or a certain product? Is it to develop your customers’ loyalty? Or perhaps, you want to make profits from the event too? These are the questions you need to answer when planning for an event.

  1. Determine your budget accordingly

Your budget is one of the biggest factors when organizing an event. By now, you should know how much you are willing to spend for the occasion. Your budget list should include venue rental fees, catering services, and other expenses. Allocate your budget accordingly. You should have separate budget for the food, location, and prizes.

  1. Pay attention to other industry events when scheduling

As every seasoned event organizer would say, “Timing is everything.” Check the calendar. Make sure you don’t schedule your event on or too close to holidays or popular vacation times. It’s just as important to check for other events that your target attendees might be going to.

These are some of the things you should consider when hosting an event. For suggestions, please share them below.

Some FAQs when Renting a Limo

If you’re planning to rent a limousine for a special occasion, it is important to do your research in advance. This is to make sure you’re choosing the right type of vehicle and you’re dealing with a reputable limousine rental service provider. So, to help you out, we have enumerated some FAQ and tips on what you expect in terms of cost and general policies when renting a limousine. Read on.

How much does it cost to rent a limo or an SUV going to and from the airport?  

Of course, the first thing you need to take a look at is the rate they offer. The cost depends from city to city and the type of vehicle you will be renting. Usually, airport transportation in a sedan is not much more than a taxi which can be unpredictable. You can expect a lesser rate offered though. If you’re not on a hurry, you can always go for airport shuttle services—this may only cost you for as low as $10. On the other hand, average fares start at $20 for sedan service while stretch services may go up to $40-50 depending on the vehicle size, party size, location, and distance.

What are the sizes available?

There are many types of limousines—the regular luxury sedans, stretch sedans, 6 passenger stretch limousines, 8 passenger stretch limousines, 10 passenger super stretch limousines, and the 12-18  passenger super  stretch limousines.

How long do you need to rent the vehicle?

You should also find out the length of hours or days you need to rent the limousine. The average rental per hour can go about $50 – $300 per hour, again varies on the type of vehicle and distance. The minimum rental hour is 2 – 3 hours, with exception to standard airport service.  This is why we strongly recommend organizing your itinerary as soon as possible, so you would know how many hours you need to rent the vehicle. Keep in mind that extension rates are usually higher than the booked hours.

What are the usual promos from limousine rental service provider?

You may have seen the promos and packages they offer from their website. Make sure to verify all the information to avoid problems in the future. Usually, the service provider may offer discounted rates on early bookings and the length of service. You may also look for service provider who offer coupons for more discounted rates.