4 Smart Ways to Save on Car Rentals

Planning for your next weekend getaway can be really stressful. From hotel accommodations to transportation services, you need to plan ahead of time to make sure everything is in order. And when it comes to budget trips, it is only advisable to gather all the resources you can get to save more money.

Tip of the Tongue strongly suggests looking for car hire services within your area as early as possible. This is to make sure you get what you paid for. To give you a better glimpse, here are some tips to avoid costly mistakes when renting a vehicle:

  1. Maximize your options

Do your research and highlight the best options. There are many independent agencies you will find online. With lower operating costs, you can save around 15 to 30 percent less than rentals from well-known agencies. Just make sure to check their profile and read reviews to gauge the quality of their services.

  1. Dig deeper for virtual discounts

Verify the promos and other discounts posted on their websites. If you have coupons, try to key in the name of the company along with the code. Many agencies offer these coupons to new and frequent customers. Don’t just stop there—yes, there are still little “tricks” you can do to get a better offer. You can try combining the discount codes from the coupons you have.

  1. Compare the rates from other companies

Before sealing the deal, ask for a detailed quotation and compare the rates they offer from other companies. Don’t just focus on the initial sum they give you. Enquire more about the other hidden fees like penalties or additional rate for extension.

  1. Reserve the unit the longer than you need it

This may sound confusing, but most of the time; the rate for extend hours can cost you more. As mentioned above, ask about the additional rate per hour. Check their return policies and see if they also give discounts when you return the car earlier than it’s supposed to be.

There is nothing more glorious than having a comfortable transportation on a budget trip. Keep these things in mind, and you can save more money than you know.